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From Mohammad to Maya, Jeff Roy USA 2012
vendredi, 25 octobre 2013 - 9:30 pm11:00 pm
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Alumni Auditorium
Michèle Phillips
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FROM MOHAMMAD TO MAYA, Jeff Roy (USA 2012), 75 minutes

Mohammed to Maya is a feature-length documentary that examines issues of transsexualism, religion, and traditionalism against the backdrop of a single person’s dramatic story. The film follows one year in the life of Maya Jafer (formerly Mohammed Jafer), a 42 year-old Muslim from Chennai, India, as she undergoes sexual reassignment surgery in Bangkok, Thailand.

Maya is an incredibly accomplished woman, having immigrated to Southern California from South India, earned two doctorates in holistic medicine, and built a successful professional career. Since she was a young boy, Maya devoted her life to Islam, and followed a conservative life of prayer and familial obligation. Throughout her transition, however, she has had to redefine her spiritual and cultural devotion, facing incredible resistance along the way.

This film follows Maya as she struggles to maintain her faith despite persecution from her family and religious community. Was having a sex change the right decision? Will the surgery be successful? Will Allah reward or punish her for being who she truly is? Will her family disown her? In exploring the landscape of a conflicted mind, this documentary is about modern rites of passage, and the difficulties of letting go and starting new again.