Mindful Roads

Se répète toutes les 2 semaines chaque mercredi jusqu'au mer déc 09 2020.
mercredi, 28 octobre 2020 - 11:00 am
Pathway in a forest
Counselling Services
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Counselling Services has set up a new Mood Walk Community at uOttawa.

For now, walks will be done individually. Just choose a walk that inspires you, grounds you and connects you with nature.

You can do it at any time, but we will have specific dates for you to connect and share your experience with others who are also doing these Mood Walks. These sessions will be held every other week and the whole experience should last about one hour.

Join the Mindful Roads Community on Microsoft Teams to connect with other students and Mental Health and Wellness Counsellors.

Téléchargez le PDF des Promenades de pleine conscience pour faire ces marches par vous-mêmes.