Fagnou Educational Workshop

Visualization Tools for Systems Thinking in Chemistry Education
mercredi, 9 octobre 2019 - 4:00 pm5:20 pm
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By Peter Mahaffy, Professor of Chemistry and Director of the King’s Centre for Visualization in Science, The King’s University, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Experience a hands-on workshop in which you will explore ways to use systems thinking in a general chemistry course.  We will develop a System-Oriented_Concept_Map-Extension (SOCME) for a topic, illustrating how to help students zoom out from the scope of what might be traditionally covered to see cross-cutting dimensions and interconnections with broader societal and environmental considerations. You will then use your SOCME to define boundaries for the system under consideration, coherent with the student learning outcomes articulated for that topic. Finally, if there is interest, I will offer a sneak preview of the beta version of the soon-to-be released “Design Our Climate” (DOC) interactive simulation, produced by the research team at the King’s Centre for Visualization in Science. The DOC simulation visualizes the magnitude of changes we face with radiative forcing of our planet by greenhouse gases, and empowers users to find hope for what can be done by exploring the mosaic of mitigation strategies to address climate change. You might pick a few of the most promising mitigation strategies and connect this grand challenge of the 21st Century to knowledge of chemistry and materials.