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Taryn Husband, Ph.D. candidate
mardi, 12 février 2019 - 11:50 am12:50 pm
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“Queer new institutionalism in the South Africa context.”

The dominant discourse in international development theory in the twenty-first century has been characterized by the rise of new institutionalist literature arguing that effective institutions (such as rule of law) are essential for economic and social development. Expanding upon feminist critiques of the new institutionalist paradigm, queer new institutionalism seeks to provide a critical analysis of how institutions are experienced and accessed differently by LGBTI-identified and otherwise gender variant people, even when gender-conscious design is used. This presentation will cover the queer new institutionalist theoretical framework through the lens of findings of my field research in South Africa and apply said framework to a concrete example from the South African context.


Taryn Husband, Ph.D. candidate

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019


Social Sciences Building, Room FSS 4006