Global Leadership on the Circular Economy

How Finland and Canada are Moving Towards a Sustainable, Profitable, Low-waste Future
mercredi, 12 décembre 2018 - 3:00 pm4:30 pm
Laura Wohrizek
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Smart Prosperity Institute

The world needs pioneering solutions to ensure that economic growth and increased well-being are no longer based on the wasteful use and discarding of natural resources. The ideal circular economy is a closed loop in which items are designed for shareability, durability, repair and reuse; where pollution is designed out of the system, and used materials flow back in as valuable inputs, rather than out, as waste. In a circular economy, the foundation for earnings will be in the provision of services and digital solutions, rather than product offerings.

Welcoming Address

Keynote: Circular economy - a source of prosperity and a powerful tool in climate mitigation

Armchair Dialogue: What does it take to build a circular economy?