Department of Physics Colloquium

Guest speaker: Amr S. Helmy, Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Toronto
jeudi, 14 décembre 2017 - 3:00 pm4:00 pm
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25 Templeton St, room 233
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Title: Quantum Photonics in Monolithic Semiconductors Abstract: This talk will describe a technology that enables the utilization of second order nonlinearities, (2) in monolithic semiconductors to be used as an optimal tool box for quantum optics. This approach uses dispersion engineering in Bragg reflection waveguides to harness parametric processes to produce non classical sources through down conversion. These can also be realized in conjunction with concomitant dispersion and birefringence engineering in active devices such as semiconductor diode lasers. On the classical front, the technology enables novel coherent light sources using frequency conversion in a self pumped chip-form factor. Novel sources for entangled photons in this monolithic platform will be reviewed. These chip-based sources can afford the integration of other devices such as laser pump sources, power and polarization splitters, gates, cavities and much more. This platform essentially offers the capability of transferring current quantum optical setups from the optical table in a lab into a practical realm and even the market place. For example recent entangled photon pair generation experimenters will be presented. Also in this talk, some of the application that utilize the aforementioned sources will be discussed, including monolithic photonics architectures that enable deterministic splitting of entangled states of light will be discussed. In addition, sources for quantum illumination in integrated architectures will be also presented. This properties offer unique opportunities in metrology applications where size, power, form-factor and space qualification are important factors.

Refreshments will be served at 2:30 p.m. (BEFORE the seminar) in room ARC 233