The deCODE Hackathon

Recruitment based hackathon
vendredi 14 octobre 2016 (Toute la journée)samedi 15 octobre 2016 à h (Toute la journée)
Philippe Legault
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deCODE is a recruitment based hackathon that promotes networking and collaboration between fast growing startups and students. It bring companies together with a small group of talented students to innovate a new piece of technology from the company's API in two days. Students gain real world experience by working alongside their dream company to showcase their skills and potentially get hired. Companies in attendance include: Klipfolio, Shopify, and You.I Labs.

The event is held on October 14-15th at the University of Ottawa, and it is free for students to participate - they can apply at:

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  • November 11-12: Montreal
  • November 18-19: Toronto