Performing Self

An Action Based Therapeutic Approach for Working with Male Clients
mercredi, 21 septembre 2016 - 1:00 pm2:30 pm
Performing self actors
Nick Gazzola
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This presentation shares research from an initiative where researchers in Counselling Psychology and Theatre Education at UBC collaborated with military veterans to produce a theatre production. Community members and researchers participated with six returning veterans in a series of drama-based workshops that led to the production of Contact! Unload. All participants had completed the Veterans Transition Program (VTP) prior to joining this project. The VTP is group based therapeutic approach that utilizes 'Therapeutic Enactment,' which incorporates physical action to aid the processing of traumatic events that contribute to stress injuries. Peer to peer activities driven by action and activity rather than talk-based therapy is key to the VTP's history of effectiveness.  The performance piece is a collective process enabling an additional expressive vehicle for military members to publicly reinterpret their struggles and experiences of transitioning from active service overseas to civilian life in ways that build resilience. The presentation includes: Its theoretical basis, selected video clips; and identification of specific applications for group counselling approaches with male clients in general.