Inauguration of the Air Canada Professorship on Anti-Racism

Join us for this launch event featuring a presentation by Professor Awad Ibrahim
Wednesday, 2 November 2022 - 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Awad Ibrahim, titulaire de la bourse professorale Air Canada sur l'antiracisme
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Faculty of Education Marketing and Communication Team
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Free of charge
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The Faculty of Education invites alumni, friends, and members of the University of Ottawa community to join us for the official inauguration of the Air Canada Professorship on Anti-Racism and the appointment of Professor Awad Ibrahim to the role.


This launch event will feature Professor Ibrahim’s presentation 'Thinking through the work of anti-racism: A poetic conversation expanding from arts to politics.'

"Situated squarely within a post-George Floyd moment – where we were traumatized and the ugly face of systemic racism stared us in the face – this presentation asks: what is the work anti-racism? In this junctural moment, I will argue, the work of anti-racism crosses three distinct yet interrelated areas. The primary work of anti-racism, I first contend , is to enable people to critically situate themselves in time and space and at the same time question the adequacy of that location; second, to fully humanize ourselves and others; third and finally, to open cracks so that a better, environmentally friendly, peaceful, wide-awake and fully conscious future is brought into existence. These three areas have direct implications for the work of the Air Canada Professor on Anti-racism, in the context of teaching and learning within the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Education and beyond."


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