Forum on Water Law and Governance

Multi-Level Governance Issues in Freshwater Protection, Management, and Law
Thursday, 14 October 2021 - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
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Anna Bogic
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Free of charge
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With the support of the Alex Trebek Dialogue Forum, the Public Law Centre, the Centre for Environmental Law and Global Sustainability and the Centre on Governance at the University of Ottawa joined forces to address existing issues around water law and governance in Canada.

On March 22, 2021, the research group organized a first bilingual conference taking an interdisciplinary look at the creation of the future Canada Water Agency. On October 14, 2021, we shifted our focus to other political and community actors who protect and manage freshwater.

Two themes will be discussed:

  1. Multilevel governance and water protection
  2. Regional management and watershed management


  • Sarah Dorner, Full Professor and Canada Research Chair in Microbial Contaminant Dynamics in Source Waters, Polytechnique (Montréal)
  • Éric Champagne, Associate Professor, Director of the Centre on Governance, University of Ottawa
  • Lauren Touchant, Postdoctoral researcher, University of Ottawa
  • Me Roxanne Guérard, Guest researcher, University of Ottawa
  • CANN Forecast, AquaHacking
  • Catherine Choquette, Full Professor, Université Sherbrooke


  • Sébastien Cottinet, Coordinator, Regroupement des organismes de bassins versants du Québec
  • Daniel Gladu Kanu, Director, Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective
  • Paula Siwik, Director, Mackenzie River Basin Board
  • Alexandre Lillo, Postdoctoral researcher, University of Ottawa