Plants Brought Home

Virtual photo gallery (English with bilingual discussion)
Wednesday, 10 February 2021 - 2:00 pm
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Suprita Chatterjee
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Free of charge
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Calling all plant lovers! Show us your plant friends!   Do you have a plant that’s close to you? This could be any vegetal being you actively engage with and like to nurture. We are exploring the changing relations between plants and people during the Covid-19 pandemic by building a photographic archive to showcase people with their plant companions.   We are asking you to share a photograph of yourself with your plant companion, and written response, for a gallery project by the Planthropolab. If you would like to be featured, we have a short list of suggested questions to help prompt your experiences. Tell us about your favourite plant (or plants!), and their story. Don’t forget to include yourself in the photograph!   Writing Prompts • Are there any particular plants you have connected with during the pandemic? • How would you describe that connection? • When did you meet your favourite plant? • Have you named this plant? • Do you sense feelings from plants (for example, in response to being moved)? • What does it mean to anthropomorphize plant life? (attach photos in the form)   Event in English with bilingual discussion Link :