Catching the Act With Nicolas Rasiulis

A Virtual Conference (English with bilingual discussion)
Thursday, 11 February 2021 - 4:00 pm
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Virtual Conference
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Julie Laplante
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Free of charge
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Sifting through a coincidence can draw together salient characteristics shared by each discrete incidence constitutive of that particular coincidence. I find it a peculiar coincidence to not only find oneself practicing both anthropology and shamanis(h)m in discrete domains, but also for shamanis(h)m to eventually find one self in the flesh and ether of ‘the field,’ the radically local and temporal yet transcendentally super-local and lingering crucible of anthropological subjects. Sifting through the wildly whelming soup of this coincidence I so happen to find myself in draws together enough chunky bits and shimmering sludge to glean that the practice of both anthropology and of shamanis(h)m might (if only in one instance) share the same operating scheme: though only partially convinced themselves, one actor or more comes off as convincing to themselves and to others when it comes to ushering some realisation(s) through concealment, exposition, reception and/or manipulation of ideas, materials and symbols, only some of which are memetic, all of which play out in what seems to be one gigantesque shared world, and yet all of which seem to be comprehended exclusively within discrete beings’ lone experiential realms, the actual accuracy of which is unverifiable by nature of their subjective isolation albeit gaugeable by nature of their phenomenal relationality. In not much more than a flash this presentation will spring an attempt to orient that operating scheme unto an ongoing project of orienting that operating scheme unto itself.   Jitsi :