Guest Speaker: LESLIE REID

Dark Ice
Wednesday, 6 February 2019 - 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
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Chantal Gervais
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Guest Speaker

Leslie Reid’s work has long explored the perceptual and psychological sensations evoked by the experience of a particular place. Her paintings, photographs, and videos bring together the sensory effects of light and space with the lived history of that place, often through references to family, and touch on those feelings of fragility and resilience that reside there. Her recent work from the Arctic furthers her exploration of the multi layered relationship between nature and culture, through its focus on lived histories of places and peoples, on issues of displacement, refuge, survival and endurance, and on the changes that occur over time: geopolitical, social and environmental.   Biography:   Leslie Reid studied at Queen’s University and at art college in England. She taught Visual Arts at the University of Ottawa, where she is now Professor Emeritus. Early exhibitions include Some Canadian Women Artists, National Gallery of Canada, and the Paris Biennale. A retrospective exhibition was curated by Diana Nemiroff at the Carleton University Art Gallery in 2011. Her recent work results from travel in the Arctic with both the Canadian Forces and the Canada C3 Expedition, and explores climate change and sovereignty issues, and their effects on indigenous communities.  Mapping a Cold War, a multi media exhibition focussed on her Arctic travels, was recently held at the Military Museums, Calgary.

Talk in English with bilingual questions and answers.