Social representations of madness and mental illness

Noon-conference presented by Annamaria de Rosa
Tuesday, 8 January 2019 - 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm
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Maude Levesque
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Free of charge
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L'École de service social
The conference is aimed at illustrating the heuristic value of the “modelling approach” to social representations, based on the integration/differentiation of multi-theoretical constructs and multi-methodological research designs, as the road map for the integration of the different classical paradigms: the structural approach, the socio-dynamic approach, the anthropological and ethnographic approaches, the dialogical and narrative approaches. Only recently presented to the literature (de Rosa, 2013, 2014) the genesis of the “modeling approach” has been fertilized by the adoption of a theory of multi-methods put forward since the 80s by de Rosa, integrating qualitative and quantitative, structured and projective, textual and figurative techniques and multi-step data analyses, and well tested through multi-year research programs in different thematic areas, in a context of mainstream social psychology largely dominated by a monotheistic methodological option for verbal production. The modelling approach moves beyond the purely cumulative logic of the traditional multi-method, simply based on summing different techniques, in most of cases restricted to a single verbal or textual communication channel (like in the classical combination of interview, free association and focus group or of questionnaires and content analyses of press), or following the canonical ritual of editorial format presenting the linear sequence of Study I, Study II, Study III.