The State of the Study of the Market

Monday, 15 October 2018 - 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
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Free of charge
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International Political Economy Network (IPEN) and Centre for International Policy Studies

The International Political Economy Network (IPEN) is hosting the lecture "The State of the Study of the Market" with Dr. Pascale Massot as part of the RÉPI/IPEN Speaker series 2018-2019.

Abstract This paper argues that the political science literature has not devoted enough energy to the task of defining what markets are. Further, when definitional efforts are made, there is a tendency to adopt an implicit definition of the “market as arena”, which, I argue, is insufficient. The fact that markets are an underdefined concept deprives us of useful tools for the elucidation of important research questions about markets in the global economy. It also leads to a distortion of the dialogue between the “in-groups” and “out-groups” about notions of fairness, both at the domestic and international levels. Going back to Polanyi, and taking inspiration from economic sociology, the International Political Economy of resources literature and the Varieties of Capitalism literature along the way, this paper develops a richer, institutionally grounded set of tools to define, evaluate and compare markets, and inspire others to contribute to the endeavour.   *Lecture in English, with a bilingual question period.