International Conference

Wittgenstein: The Place of Normativity in a Naturalistic World
Friday, 15 June 2018 - 10:15 am
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Jérôme Gosselin-Tapp
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Free of charge
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At first glance, any naturalistic conception of the world struggles with the kind of explanation that normativity seems to require. Roughly speaking, philosophical naturalism tends to undermine the role of normative sciences in philosophy. This view advocates descriptive sciences that depict empirical facts or daily life practices—by which they describe how things normally are. That being said, one must recognize that the descriptive discourse and the normative one are in tension with each other, since the description of normal regularities does not rely on the same necessity as the one required by normative laws. However, some of the proponents of naturalism still promote a continuity between philosophy and science, understood as a continuity between normative and descriptive sciences. So, not only is it a framework that should be better defined in general, but the whole question of normativity seems problematic from a naturalistic point of view. This conference aims to explore this theme.