Monday, 30 April 2018 - 9:00 am to 4:40 pm
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Free of charge
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9:00 Jean-Michel Guay (Ph.D., U. Ottawa), Large area nanotexturing of metals using ultrafast lasers and their applications

9:20 Harry Allen (M.Sc., Carleton U.), Towards classifying cells by dose using Raman spectroscopy

9:40 Hourieh Exir (M.Sc., U. Ottawa), Improving osseointegration of orthopaedic and dental implants with femtosecond laser induced periodic surface structures

10:00 Jennifer Erskine (M.Sc., U. Ottawa) Spectral measurements of photon pair sources

10:20 Break with refreshments / Pause avec rafraîchissements

10:50 Eric Beamish (Ph.D., U. Ottawa), Identifying structure in molecular complexes for biomarker detection using solid-state nanopores

11:10 Tae Hyoun (Matthew) Park (M.Sc., Carleton U.), Measuring jet energy with the ATLAS detector

11:30 Alexandre Melanson (Ph.D., U. Ottawa), Effective stochastic models of neuroscientific data

11:50 Mark Reimer (M.Sc., Carleton), Decay predictions for the Georgi-Machacek extended Higgs particle model

12:10 Lunch break / Pause de midi – Free time / Temps libre

2:00 Matthew Dunford (Ph.D., Carleton), An examination of argon isotopes with DEAP-3600

2:20 Ryan Plumadore (M.Sc., U. Ottawa), Novel 2D materials studied with scanning probe microscopy

2:40 Aidan Schiff-Kearn (M.Sc., U. Ottawa), Broadband spectral characterization of semiconductors in the terahertz regime

3:00 Bhavaye Saxena (Ph.D., U. Ottawa), Enhancement of stimulated Brillouin scattering in polymer-coated chalcogenide optical microwires

3:20 Break with refreshments / Pause avec rafraîchissements

3:40 Fanqi Kong (Ph.D., U. Ottawa), Generation of spatially structured extreme ultraviolet radiation

4:00 Kyle Robertson (M.Sc., U. Ottawa) Optimizations of GaAs nanowire solar cells

4:20 Zahirul Alam (Ph.D., U. Ottawa) Nonlinear and quantum optics with near-zero index material