Fields-Carleton-Ottawa Distinguished Lecture Series

Fields-Carleton-Ottawa Distinguished Lecture Series
Thursday, 5 April 2018 (All day)
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MHN 257
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Free of charge
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To all participants in The Fields-Carleton Distinguished (public) Lecture (Thursday April 5, 2018):  Due to the ongoing legal strike action at Carleton University, the public lecture is now moved to:

Fields-Carleton-Ottawa Distinguished (public) Lecture

7:00pm (reception at 6:30pm)

Hamelin Hall (MHN 257), University of Ottawa, 70 Laurier Avenue East

Parking is available on any UO public parking lots (using parking permits when leaving, which will be available at the event, free of charge). The Fields-Carleton Distinguished Lecture Series is annual event sponsored by the Fields Institute and Carleton University featuring international-renowned speakers with expertise in mathematics, statistics and theoretical computer science. The speaker this year is Prof. Gang Tian, Chair Professor and Vice President of Peking University, who has made fundamental contributions to geometric analysis, complex geometry and symplectic geometry. Title of the public lecture:Poincaré Conjecture and Geometrization Abstract:For more than one hundred years, the Poincaré conjecture was a driving force for topologists and its study led to many important advances in the area. It was finally solved by Perelman using differential geometric methods. In this lecture, Dr. Gang Tian will introduce the Poincaré conjecture and give a brief history of its mathematical pursuit. He will explain some of the geometric ideas involved in solving the conjecture, in particular, the geometrization of 3-spaces. The talk will end with some speculations on future developments in geometry. More detailed information can be found from the attached poster or at Everyone is welcome!