Canadian and American Defence Policy

Challenges and Opportunities
Thursday, 19 October 2017 - 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
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The establishment of new Administrations in both Canada and the United States in the past two years has led to a substantial amount of overhaul of both countries’ defence strategy frameworks.  In Canada, this culminated in June with the release of the Defence Policy Review.  Before release, the DPR was significantly delayed, due in part to the Trudeau Administration’s desire to ensure that the Canadian defence strategy achieves a certain level of synchronization with the goals of the new Trump Administration in the United States.  In contrast, the Trump Administration is seemingly thus far pursuing an ad hoc defence strategy, though many of the major players are long-standing members of the defence intelligentsia who understand principles of American defence strategy.   Please join us for an American perspective on Canadian defence strategy generally, and a discussion of how the Canadian approach fits into long standing notions of American defence strategy, as well as some conjecture about how the American “new normal” in the Trump Administration will affect the road ahead.   Lindsay L. Rodman:  Council on Foreign Relations International Affairs Fellow (Canada) and Research Associate at CIPS.