Meet Paul Finkelman, Fulbright Chair 2017 at the HRREC

Wednesday, 27 September 2017 - 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
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The Human Rights Research and Education Centre is pleased to present:

Chief Justice John Marshall, Slavery, and Early 19th Century Human Rights in the United States

Join us to meet the holder of the 2017 Fulbright Chair in Human Rights and Social Justice!

All are welcome.
The event will be presented in English.

  • Paul FINKELMAN | 2017 Fulbright Chair in Human Rights and Social Justice at the HRREC, University of Ottawa

A specialist in American legal history, constitutional law, and race and the law, Professor Paul Finkelman is the author of more than 150 scholarly articles​ and more t​han 30 books. He is an expert in constitutional history and constitutional law, freedom of religion, the law of slavery, civil liberties and the American Civil War, and legal issues surrounding baseball. He has written extensively on Thomas Jefferson and on Abraham Lincoln. Professor Finkelman was the chief expert witness in the Alabama Ten Commandments monument case and his scholarship on religious monuments in public spaces was cited by the U.S. Supreme Court in Van Orden v. Perry (2005). His scholarship on the Second Amendment has also been cited by the Supreme Court. In 2002 he was a key expert witness in the suit over who owned Barry Bonds' 73rd home run ball.