Causeries musicales: John Burge

Série de conférences des compositeurs invités Beaudry-Somcynsky 2016-2017
Thursday 16 February 2017 à 13 h 00 to à 15 h 00
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Freiman Hall
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Hali Krawchuk
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Free of charge
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"Twenty-Four Preludes for Solo Piano" par John Burge

1. C Major

2. A Minor* (Bells in Winter**)

3. G Major (Playground Games)

4. E Minor

5. D Major* (Linear Reverberations)

6. B Minor (Off-beat Waltz)

7. A Major

8. F Sharp Minor*

9. E Major (The Singing Clock)

10. C Sharp Minor

11. B Major* (The Autoharp)

12. G Sharp Minor (Das Thema)

13. F Sharp Major (The One-note Ostinato)

14. E Flat Minor*

15. D Flat Major (Polytonality)

16. B Flat Minor (The Hummingbird)

17. A Flat Major* (The Aeolian Harp)

18. F Minor           

19. E Flat Major (The Deadline)

20. C Minor*

21. B Flat Major

22. G Minor

23. F Major* (Spring Thaw***)

24. D Minor (Le Fini)

*Preludes marked with a single asterisk involve an extended instrumental technique.

**This title is borrowed from an English translation of a book of poetry by Czeslaw Milosz.

***Inspired by one of John Burge’s favourite Canadian poets, Margaret Avison.