Sexual Representation as Threat and Empowerment
Monday, 27 February 2017 - 9:00 am to 6:30 pm
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Richcraft Hall, Carleton University
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Ann Morneau
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For more information and to register to attend: bit.ly/femsexwars




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Free of charge
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The Joint Chair in Women's and Gender Studies; Faculty of Public Affairs (Carleton); Sexuality Studies Minor Program (Carleton); School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies (Carleton) & Department of Law and Legal Studies (Carleton).

This full-day bilingual symposium engages with historical and current controversies relating to sexual representation.  Experts in the feminist pornography debates of the 80’s and 90’s will provide historical, cultural and legal context, and consider how those debates inform contemporary struggles over issues like ‘sexting’, ‘revenge porn’ and ‘rape culture.’  Blending critical analysis with creative expression, the symposium also features artist-scholars who will offer performances and insight on the role of erotica as empowerment, pleasure and resistance.  The day will conclude with a video-viewing and conversation with members of the Kiss & Tell collective, whose sexually explicit photographic exhibition, Drawing the Line,made a key intervention into the Canadian sex wars.

Panelists include Brenda Cossman (University of Toronto), Karen Busby (University of Manitoba), Trish Salah (Queen’s), Lara Karaian (Carleton University), Patricia Gentille (Carleton University), Lizard Jones (Kiss & Tell), Susan Stewart (Kiss & Tell), Tracy Bear (University of Alberta),  Geraldine King (Queen’s) and Ummni Khan (Carleton University).

This event is sponsored by the Joint Chair in Women's and Gender Studies, the Carleton Faculty of Public Affairs, the Carleton Sexuality Studies  Minor Program, the Carleton School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies and The Carleton Department of Law and Legal Studies.