James Der Deridan

Project Q: The Question of Quantum
Wednesday, 5 October 2016 - 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
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Stéphanie Plante
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Free of charge
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Presented by CIPS and the International Theory Network (ITN)

In 1939, on the urging of fellow physicist Leó Szilárd, Albert Einstein sent a letter to Franklin Roosevelt in which he informed the U.S. President of a new source of nuclear energy that could lead to the ‘construction of extremely powerful new bombs’.  The ensuing nuclear and political chain reactions profoundly reshaped the world order: the Manhattan Project, Los Alamos, the first use of a nuclear weapon, a cold war between superpowers and an arms race that continues to this day.  The same critical mass of nuclear politics also brought an end to the Second World War, ‘atoms for peace’, a cold war that never went hot and a global movement to control, reduce and hopefully abolish nuclear weapons.  Behind the familiar tale of the creation of the atomic bomb, the rise of America as a superpower and the tribulations of the cold war, there lies an untold history with an unknown future.  There is promise as well as peril, life as well as death in the emergence of a quantum revolution.