Conference by Dr. Andra Smith

Thursday, 20 October 2016 - 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
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Nafissa Ismail
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Free of charge
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“How can fMRI help us unravel the brain’s mysteries?”

Dr. Smith will discuss what MRI can be used for in a research environment and how it has informed many areas of neuroscience. A brief description of fMRI will be presented with examples of study design to give a more hands on approach to the topic. Finally, a more specific example of Dr. Smith’s research into the neural impact of chemotherapy will be presented. Chemotherapy does cross the blood brain barrier so it is not surprising that it can impact cognition. The recognition of this is important given that it can impact quality of life. To ensure this is acknowledged by medical professionals it is also important to provide empirical evidence that subjective complaints are legitimate and have a neurological basis. Our fMRI/MRI research imaging women with breast cancer before chemotherapy, following chemotherapy and one year post-chemotherapy have shown interesting results with respect to how the brain reacts to the stressors of the whole process of having breast cancer. Now that imaging has been used to show this impact of chemotherapy on the brain, we are attempting to reduce it by means of exercise and mindfulness. These studies and results will be discussed in the presentation.

This conference is part of the School of Psychology's Annual Colloquium Series.