Lecture: What Kind of Citizen? - Professor Joel Westheimer

Wednesday, 6 May 2015 - 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
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Anne-Sophie Ducellier
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Free of charge
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What Kind of Citizen? Educating Our Children for the Common Good

Our primary and secondary schools could be rich and rewarding places in which children and teens gain the abilities required for our democracy to flourish: the power to think deeply and critically, the skills to discuss matters of real importance, and the awareness that intelligent adults can have different opinions.

Instead, too many of our schools endlessly prepare students to take tests on a narrow set of subjects at the expense of teaching them how to think. How did we allow this to happen?

Joel Westheimer—author, uOttawa professor and University Research Chair in Democracy and Education—draws on groundbreaking research not only to deliver a stinging rebuke of current reform practices, but also to show us how we can save our schools from today’s myopic interpretation of what constitutes an education; how we can align schools’ goals with what children, parents and teachers really care about; and how we can get our schools to nurture the kind of citizens that will enable our democracy to truly thrive.

The conference will take place in "Talk show" format and will be hosted by Hallie Cotnam, host of the CBC Ottawa Morning.